Salted Caramel Apple Pie

Three desserts packed ever so efficiently into one!

  • Prep time: 30 minutes
  • Baking time: 60 minutes
  • Freezing: Not recommended
1Blend flour and salt in a large mixing bowl. Work shortening into flour mixture using a pastry blender or 2 knives until mixture resembles coarse crumbs with some pea-sized pieces. Sprinkle half the amount of water over the flour mixture. Using a fork, distribute moisture evenly into flour. Add more water by the tbsp (15 mL), until dough is moist enough to hold together when pressed. Shape in two, one ball slightly larger than the other. Flatten balls into ½” (1 cm) thick round disks. Chill for 30 minutes or up to 2 days.
2Cook butter and apples in a large deep skillet for 10 minutes. Cool.
3Melt butter in saucepan. Add flour and cook over low heat for 1 minute, stirring frequently. Add caramel flavoured sauce, cinnamon and salt. Cook for additional 3 minutes.
4Combine apples and sauce in a medium bowl.
5Preheat oven to 375°F (190°C).
6Roll larger ball of dough on a lightly floured work surface into a circle 2” (5 cm) wider than pie plate. Transfer dough to 9” (23 cm) pie plate. Roll out remaining dough and set aside.
7Fill with apple mixture. Top with remaining pastry; fold edge of top pastry under bottom pastry. Brush edges with egg. Press together to seal. Flute edge. Cut slits on top of pastry.
8Brush top of pie with egg, sprinkle with sugar and salt.
9Bake in preheated oven 55 to 60 minutes or until apples are tender and crust is golden brown. Cool on wire cooling rack.